Rhetoric In Glen Mazzara's Speaking While Women

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So, what is rhetoric? By a type of definition, rhetoric is the art of communication in order to persuade. But, is it not the human disposition to continuously persuade everyone they come in contact with through communication, whatever form it may be in? For people to genuinely communicate they must use rhetoric which consists of listening, trying to understand, and then being able to relay their personal opinion or feeling about the situation at hand. People are taught and raised to think rhetorically because it is a necessary mindset to be able to communicate effectively in all aspects of life, but especially in workplace environments. In “Speaking While Female,” Sandberg and Grant relay how Glen Mazzara noticed a lack of communication in his office meetings. Mazzara observed how his female employees were very reserved and quite when they were meant to be proposing ideas. When asked why, the women replied that “almost every time they started …show more content…
Rhetoric allows personal interaction encompassing those desired actions amongst everyone. It is expected that when people effectively communicate there is a sense of openness and humility, listening and understanding. Rhetoric as Tyson explains in “Cosmic Perspective,” is “about having the wisdom and insight to apply knowledge” in everyday life. It’s a learning process. No one is born with the knowledge it takes to understand everything anyone says. So, while rhetoric may be a natural process it is not necessarily an easy one. The idea of rhetoric does not always work as well outside of theory. People won’t always stop and listen. Sometimes people hear what they want and get offended or hurt, but without emotions like those life, knowledge, and experiences would remain stagnant. Rhetoric is a necessary mindset in order to communicate effectively, but sometimes it takes nudge or forceful hand to get people to fully practice it, Mazzara exemplified it

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