Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : ' Undocumented Immigrants '

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Rhetorical Analysis Doug Laforest wrote an article about how it is not socially acceptable to use any other phrase for an immigrant that has illegally traveled to the United States to claim residency should be referred to as an “Undocumented Immigrant”. When analyzing the article Doug writes, “Undocumented Immigrants”, there were many rhetorical devices used to get the point across effectively. Through the course of the article not only does the author use many effective strategies but the people he quotes also bring great devices to the table. The first thing that is written is “Language is Power”, which will come to play role later on in the paper. Jumping right into the reading right after that though Doug introduces us to a friend that is an advocate for equality. “… asking that people consider the language they use when discussing down’s syndrome. She has championed local projects that advocate for people living with Down’s syndrome, which includes her daughter.” Showing that this is a very personal subject for her, sue to her daughter having Down syndrome, this is a topic that she is into. The first sentence of the quotation introduces what she is talking about and the second sentence shows that it is a personal subject, utilizing Pathos. Striking an emotional cord and personal cord, this is effective because words can hurt deeply. The way human beings are treated and talked to is an effective way to have other see that the way they go about things are not right.…

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