Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Queen Of Denial ' Essay

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A famous country singer once twanged the refrain, "Just call me Cleopatra cause I 'm the Queen of Denial”. In fact this performer is one of many vocal artists to employ this pun in some way. Even politicians like Al Gore have used the phrase, "denial ain 't no river in Africa". The ubiquitous image of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand is another icon of denial. Perhaps no human failing is more ubiquitous and insidious than the propensity to ignore the truth and deny reality. Consequently, authors often create masterpieces that tinker with this compelling topic. The clever use of symbolism, the inspired adoption of intricate plot constructs, and the nuances of style are all ways that denial has been illustrated in literature in the last few centuries . These stories allow for the mastication of such tricky psychological concepts in a way that is approachable and relatable, hence their popularity.

Parable is an instructive or didactic style employed by writers throughout the ages. Cultural anthropologists hypothesize that the style may have been created solely as a means of instruction for the uneducated masses. Today however, the heavy moral lessons are of less value because there are few universal moral norms, as the societal fabric has become more a tapestry and less a broadcloth. Conversely, there has been a rise in interest in reading about psychological failings instead of societal ones. One such tale is Oates 's "Where are You Going, Where Have You Been". In…

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