Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Hurting Heroes Of 9 / 11 ' Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of “The Hurting Heroes of 9/11 ”
In the article “The Hurting Heroes of 9/11” (Sept. 16, 2016), Leah McGrath Goodman claims that those who helped with the rescue of the 9/11 attacks continue to die even 15 years after the attacks happened. Goodman supports the claim by using statistics and actual people who helped with the rescue of 9/11 who have some health issues that they are suffering over the last 15 years. Goodman has written this article in order to inform readers of the devastating numbers of people that have passed away since this event happened 15 years ago which helps to establishe a personable relationship with Newsweek Global readers who remember watching or rescuing those who had fallen in these attacks and reminds us that this day will forever haunt our nation. Goodman emphasizes the importance and the value that life has through her choices of diction, rhetorical choices, and the structure of her article.
Goodman, who is an award-winning investigative journalist, also writes about money, politics, and institutional cultures from London and New York making her a credible author. She structures her article in a way which flows and makes sense to her intended audience which would be global and educated readers who follow the news on a day-to-day basis. This article consists of 3,585 words, thirty-eight paragraphs, which is divided into five subcategories, and is seven pages long. The layout of this article is in columns, which also helps with…

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