Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of Reagan 's Speech

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One device that Reagan uses is the appeal to emotions, such as humor, pride and sympathy. Reagan uses appeal to emotion because he wants to establish an easygoing demeanor with his audience, show that he is sympathetic to their plight, instill pride and push them towards his ideals. He wants it to be known that his intention is not to attack the Soviets but to invite them to join with the West and to work towards a more prosperous future. Some examples of this are when he tries to instill an easygoing demeanor through appealing to their emotions, more specifically to the audience’s humor. Reagan states, “But my friends, there were a few things the Soviets didn’t count on: Berliner Herz, Berliner Humor, ja und Berliner Schnauze”. By appealing to their humor, Reagan alleviates tension in the audience. When a speech that utilizes humor correctly, often the audience feels a personal connection with the speaker. Reagan also uses appeals to other emotions, including pride. He begins to describe Berlin and says, “Where four decades ago there was rubble, today in West Berlin there is the greatest industrial output of any city in Germany: busy office blocks, fine homes and apartments, proud avenues, and the spreading lawns of parkland”. Reagan uses this appeal to pride to instill feelings of hopefulness in the audience. During a tough time, such as the Cold War, people might be disillusioned about living in a city divided between east and west. Reagan tells them that all their hard…

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