Rhetorical Analysis of Bush Speech Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis In President George W. Bush’s speech to the American public on September 20, 2001, Bush utilizes rhetorical devices to craft an effective speech. He uses an instructive and demanding tone, makes an appeal to Logos, and varied syntax. The strongest device of Bush’s speech is his decisive and instructive tone. Throughout the entire dialogue, Bush uses statements and facts to consolidate all of his various ideas and points into concise sentences that directly state what has happened and what needs to happen. He takes on a demanding voice that he directs towards bodies such as the Taliban and countries of the world. This demanding tone demonstrates assertiveness to the reader, and gives President Bush a strong manner of …show more content…
He elaborates on what some of the immediate effects have been, as well as what the long term effects will be. I really like this speech by President Bush, which means a lot coming from me, seeing as I am not exactly what you would call and avid fan of the former president. I like his clarity in his views and the strong points that he makes about foreign cultures. His distinguishing between Muslims and Islamic Extremists is a vital differentiation to make to the entire American people. Lots of racism came out of 9/11, and Bush fulfills his responsibility as president to make an attempt to prevent discrimination against Arabs as well as peaceful Muslims. I also really enjoyed his direct orders and demands throughout the entire speech. He tells the American people exactly what he wishes of them, he tells the Taliban exactly what they need to do in the future regarding the quartering of terrorists, and he tells other countries what he expects of them as far as the attitude that the United States wishes to see about terrorism. Overall, I think that Bush responds to the situation as well as he possibly could in this speech. He accepts the realities of the situation with dignity and shows the American attitude of perseverance throughout his whole discourse. There weren’t many elements to this piece that I did not care for. This piece (which I had never read before) really impressed me and changed some of my views about Bush. I would be interested to know which parts of

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