Revolutionary characters Essay

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The excepted social theory of civilization’s social process was made by the scientists Adam Smith, John Millar, Adam Ferguson, and lastly Lord Kames. This social theory was that there were many levels of civility in a society. These levels were hunting, pasturage, agriculture, and commerce. One example of the first level which is hunting is the the Native Americans. The excepted social process is that a country was to go through all of these levels by starting out on hunting and eventually the society would mature and work its way up to the point of being a commercially based society. Now this process helped shaped the colonies culture of “civility” because the colonists were never hunters. When the colonists got to the North America …show more content…
The founding father’s view of them self effected the ultimate goal of the American Revolution. The way our founding father’s viewed themselves was that they were civilians fighting for the right to be free. This made a major impact on the American Revolution. This is because now the ultimate goal of the American Revolution was to have a free nation away from the mercantilistic policies of Great Britain. Well at least that was the goal on the surface. Below this goal were a set of economic goals that were set out by our founding father’s. All of our founding father’s were very wealthy men and smart men. I believe that before when the colonies basically had self rule they made a lot more money. I believe to the public eye this revolution was a about land and liberty but to the founding father’s it could have just as easily been about one thing, and that is that there was a lot of money to be made off of America and they were going to make it. Before the American Revolution was completely underway one of our founding father’s John Hancock was someone who would smuggle cod fish from Cape Cod Massachusetts all the way to the Caribbean and he was making a good living. Once Great Britain had stopped their salutory neglect and began to actually in force the navigation acts things for smuggling founding father’s started to change.

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