Essay Review Of Louis Zamperini 's ' The Race '

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Louis Zamperini once said, “I’d made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race” ( Louis Zamperini Quotes). From the terrifying sea to the torturous prison camps, this is how Zamperini lived his life. In his younger years, he experienced more than a man should in an entire lifetime. Throughout his incredible journey, he was mischievous, resilient, and courageous. Born to Italian immigrants, Louis Zamperini experienced a rebellious childhood, always in trouble with the authorities. He would take food if it was within reach, he would pick fights with other people, and he drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes from a young age (Hillenbrand). Zamperini 's mischievous attitude is what lead him to becoming banned from sports early on. However, his older brother realized the benefits that would come to Zamperini by participating in sports and encouraged him to start running. Zamperini was introduced to the sport of running and fell in love with long-distance. Zamperini, being trained by his older brother, started breaking records. He broke the national high school mile record; this record would stand for twenty years. He then attended the University of Southern California where he continued to succeed in his running career ( Zamperini accomplished great things during these early years of his life, but he wasn 't done improving; he fixed his eyes on a larger prize- the Olympics. Zamperini trained for the 1936 Berlin Olympics…

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