Essay on Review Of Bram Stoker 's ' The Man Who Would One Day '

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Bram Stoker, the man who would one day create one of the most recognized figures in literature, did not have a normal childhood. Stoker had been sick since his birth in 1847. His mysterious illness prevented him from walking and his mother Charlotte would have to carry him when he wanted to move. Most of the time Stoker lied in bed alone with his thoughts and all the sounds and sensations that came from the window in his room. Stoker’s only playmates were his siblings Thornley and Matilda, he especially enjoyed their company when their mother became busy with Stoker’s younger brothers Tom and Richard.
However, Stoker’s mother did find time to tell him bedtime stories. She told grand fairytales full of bloodsucking vampires and mischievous fairies. She also told him true stories about their family. In Ireland in the 1840s the crops were failing and many people’s livelihoods were ruined. The Stoker family was able to survive because Abraham Stoker, Stoker’s father whom he was named after, worked for Parliament and didn’t have to rely on crops. The stories Stoker heard from his mother fueled his imagination with death and supernatural forces. He used these as inspiration for his writing when he was a man and as a boy. When Stoker was seven something amazing happened, he was able to walk. Finally Stoker could do all the things he imagined doing. Along with exercising his legs Stoker also exercised his mind as he prepared for college. In 1863 Bram was enrolled at…

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