Reunion Short Story

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In his story, “Reunion,” Adam Haslett shares about a solus, unsocial guy who has to had a disease caused by he slept with people, so he doesn 't think about the disease inside of him, until soon he dies, he thinks about his father. James is a good guy, and he has a good time with his favorite places instead of hang out with the people who know James. He would like that when he is in his comfort zones after he leaves his job. James knows he is dying, and it affects him that he is avoiding the social with the people. He doesn 't feels he is the who he is because of the disease. This story has shown James don’t thinks about himself in the darkness way before he dies, he decides he writes the letters for his father. This sadness story, Haslett …show more content…
The objective narrator has tell you about this guy who has a tragic story, and Haslett uses this objective narrator doesn’t tell the feelings and the thoughts of James Finn’s because it is Haslett’s choice. For as a reader, they might can’t figure it out what this James’ feelings about his situation, but they would understand if they can imagining of his feelings and thoughts. James Finn thoughts he would be fine with his life until he knows he has this disease, so he decides he would have do something important. This objective narrator finds a way to solution his situation with the disease. Could James Finn finds his light? He seems he has to shut the people who know James Finn from the social in his life, so he would like to go his places by …show more content…
“Some days I feel as though I am still in that yard, watching you, wondering what you’re thinking. Do you see me there? Do you remember?” (103) As a reader, they would understand his father have been dead, and they’re wondering what is their situation. The narrator doesn’t puts the why or how happened to his father in the story, so James seem he wants to see him again. “I find you now and again here on the common, bits and pieces of you scattered in the woods, but as the days go by, so the need lessens. I’ll be coming home soon,” (103) and James might had his mistake that time, because he might missed his last chance with his father. The narrator uses the word “I’ll be coming home soon,” from James and it has showing the powerful words because he is prepared to go with his

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