Essay on Restorative Justice System Of Criminal Justice

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Restorative justice was a system of criminal justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. This approach is based on the assumption that crime has its origins in social conditions and the relationships in the communities. Restorative justice was the name given to a variety of different practices, including apologies, restitution, and acknowledgments of harm and injury, as well as to other efforts to provide healing and reintegration of offenders into their communities, with or without additional punishment (Menkel-Meadow, 2007). It was an alternative model of criminal justice that focused on forgiveness, healing, reparation and reintegration. Unlike the traditional criminal justice system, restorative justice system was more concerned with repairing the harm caused by offending and restoring relationships rather than punishment. It allowed offenders and victims to meet and explained their experiences and understanding to achieved a mutually agreeable resolution. It encouraged the offenders to take responsibility for their action to repair the harm they have done and it also provides help for the offender in order to avoid future offences (Dale & Hayes, 2001). Restorative justice is based upon the assumption that a youth conference is another method of reducing reoffending. It is in fact a means of engaging those most affected by a crime in determining what should be done to repair the harm and to…

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