Restorative Justice On The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Reflection 1 - Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System
Restorative justice is another process that can be used to find justice. Restorative justice is an important part of the criminal justice system as it is not on retribution but restoration. I believe that restorative justice can help with the grieving process but it comes down the victims if they want to face them or if the offender wants to participate. Restorative justice is defined as to "bring victims and offenders and their supporters together to discuss an offense and its impact. Give a greater role to non-legal participants, and offender 's accountability for an offense and making reparations to a victim." (Marmo, De Lint and Palmer 2012, 690). The key points that were raised were the benefits for both victims and the offender. It allows victims to tell their side, offenders taking responsibility of their action and can lower the fear and anxiety of the victims.
By using restorative justice it allows victims to have a voice in the cases and to be respected and with dignity (Marmo, De Lint and Palmer 2012, 688). This use of procedural justice in restorative justice demonstrates how they are trying to give all affected an opportunity to explain. However this could not solely run the criminal justice system. This process of restorative justice may work for some offenders and victims but not all. For indigenous people, this process ignores aboriginal rights and there ways to resolve conflict. It is…

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