Resistance During The Haitian Revolution Essay

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Everyone has a goal or a mission in life that they want to achieve. There are various ways that these goals can be thwarted. However, these goals can be achieved if one is resistant. Resistance has been demonstrated in a number of ways throughout history and an important time that resistance was demonstrated was during slavery in the Caribbean. Some forms of resistance that the slaves use are running away, destroying property, malingering, thieving, murdering and committing suicide. Although, these methods were effective, revolution was the most successful, especially during the Haitian Revolution.
Slavery in the Caribbean The beginning of slavery can be traced back from the late fifteen century to the sixteen century, when Columbus voyaged across the Carribean. Like many other European explorers, Columbus encountered many indigenous people throughout his voyages. These indigenous people were divided into three groups called the Arawaks, the Island Caribs and the Siboneys. The Arawaks were the first people that inhabited the islands in the Caribbean and they were usually called the Tainos in the Spanish-speaking countries. The Island Caribs were newcomers to the Islands and were named to distinguish them from their Carib cousins in South America (Martin, p. 4). The Siboneys lived in Western Cuba and there have been any disputes among archaeologist about how these people arrived in the Caribbean. These three groups share many things in common. For example, they…

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