Reserch Project - Gambling & Alcohol Essay

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Abstract (Summary)

The topic that this paper has chosen to study is Gambling. It will look at the relationship between gambling and alcohol. The Research Question of this study is “How does the use of alcohol influence gambling, among young adults in Montreal?” The Research Hypothesis is “If a young adult in Montreal consumes alcohol while gambling, then they are more likely to be negatively effected.” The research method I used to gather my information was Surveys. The sample consisted of 93 young adults that live in Montreal. It was found that there was not a strong relationship that alcohol effects gambling behaviour negatively. The research hypothesis was not proven due to fact that there was no correlation between the two
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The population would be every person who gambles at Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM). The sample of this research was 45 people (34 men and 11 women), who used EGM’s. It was found that there is a link between alcohol and reckless gambling, however it is not very strong.

One thing that I found interesting in this study was that gambling control was related more towards time. Alcohol only caused certain individuals to start to gamble, however the thing that kept them going had to do with how long they were allowed to stay at the machine.

Evaluating the Role of Social Marketing Campaigns to Prevent Youth Gambling Problems: A Qualitative Study

The research question of this study is “How do Adolescents respond to advertisements concerning gambling prevention?” The two variables that are studied are “Type of Advertisement” and “Response of Adolescent”. The independent variable is “Type of Advertisement” and the dependant variable is “Response of Adolescent”. The methods used to do this study were surveys and interviews. The population would be Teenagers between the ages 12-18 from Southeastern Ontario and Montreal. The sample of this research was 175 students, who were between 12-18. It was found that adolescents respond to advertisements that involve humor and real-life stories.

One that I found interesting in this study was that adolescents were very against

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