Representation 1 Analysis

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Representation 1
Representation 1 is accurate,it 's written the same time as the suffragette movement was happening showing it isn 't false about what 's happening at that time. Its accuracy is also shown as the representation is from an A level textbook.A textbook for students learning about the suffragettes would have to be accurate as its purpose is to teach the A level students, they wouldn 't put incorrect information in the textbook as the students wouldn 't learn the right things.A lot of the content is accurate too.” The National League For Opposing Woman Suffrage was founded in 1911”, Facts like this prove representation 1’s accuracy.

Representation 1 is balanced as it lacks in opinion and is not at all bias. Representation one is
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Although the suffragettes did know jiu-jitsu as Edith Margaret Garrud was a well known suffragette who did do jiu-jitsu and taught it to other members. The police may have been slightly intimidated by the suffragettes knowing martial arts but they wouldn 't have been as scared as they were portrayed in representation 2. Representation 2 wasn 't accurate as there would be more protesting suffragette/ suffragists than there was in representation 2.For example in February 1907, three thousand Suffragists campaigners marched in London known as the ‘Mud March’ due to the amount of rain.Punch magazine was trying to be comical with their cartoon, Thus making the police look extremely scared against one woman which wasn 't …show more content…
They were bias as they presented the police to be scared of them which wasn 't the case at all, this is bias as they are being more opinionated and showing incorrect representation of the police at a protest. There is not a lot of detail in the cartoon published by Punch magazine this makes it hard to judge balance, although the police do look frightened they are out numbering the suffragette/ suffragist. This shows that the police were bigger and more intimidating than the suffragettes which can balance out representation 2. Representation 2 seems to be the least balanced out of the three as there is little detail and fact. As it was published by Punch magazines purpose was to be comical and satire obviously indicating it would be bias as their magazine tends to have a bias flair in their

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