Rene Descartes ' Discourse On Method Essay

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Rene Descartes’ Discourse on Method was written with the premise in mind that there is a sequential approach to guiding one’s reason in order to maximize certainty of knowledge and discovery. Using an autobiographical method, Descartes deliberately does not push his method upon the reader, nor frame it as the best and only method that exists. Using an explanatory model, and detailing his exact thought process throughout the Discourse, he allows the reader to follow him on his journey and decide for themselves whether his method is right for them or not. Part I of the Discourse of Method begins with a proclamation of faith that all men have the same potential for “good sense,” or reason, and that the difference between thoughts and opinions arises from the thought process itself (¶ 1). He then presents a disclaimer, iterating the fact that he does not allege to have a greater mind than anyone else (¶ 2), but that he is not hesitant to present his opinion or his method. He allows for the possibility that he might be wrong in his reasoning, and emphasizes the human imperfection that he possesses, so that his need not feel pressured and can instead make their own judgement (¶¶ 3-4). Decartes’ initiated his discussion about method with an autobiographical account of his experience as a student. From his childhood, he was constantly fed books and told that the knowledge he gained from them was certain and useful in life (¶ 6). However, as he completed his studies, he found…

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