Essay on Religious Intolerance During The Song Of El Cid

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Religious intolerance is a common theme that is often displayed across the world in various cultures. Intolerance is the inability to listen to the voices of those with varying beliefs and ideas. In many cases, religion is the main reason for disputes that have occurred in civilizations. Orthodox Christianity introduced religious intolerance into the world and the conflicts that emerged from this intolerance helped shaped the world in which we know. Although, the moments of intolerance are counterbalanced with moments of acceptance and tolerance by many different religions including the Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is said that “despite intractable differences and enduring hostilities, [these religions] nourished a culture of tolerance” (Menocal, 1). The texts that have been read, helped display the acts of feelings of intolerance that some people fostered during this time. In The Song of El Cid, the acts of violence towards the Muslim people help showcase the negative feelings that developed since the introduction of Christianity. The coexistence that they were once able to share is eliminated with only few gestures of tolerance. The question that can be asked though is if these moments of tolerance are really truly acceptance of the other cultures, or acceptance based on fear. The triumph of intolerance is visible throughout The Song of El Cid, as well as other Christian texts, such as the writings of St. Paul and the works of Hildegard of Bingen. The conquests of…

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