Religion vs Power, Failure of Interregnum Essay example

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Vs"Religion was more important than politics in the failure of the interregnum regimes of 1649-1660" assess the validity of this statement.”

In this essay I will be exploring the argument of whether religion was more important than politics in the failure of the interregnum regimes of 1649-1660 there are various arguments to be addressed.
The first factor that I will address is the political failures that assisted in the failure of the interregnum period. There were multiple political failures that can be provided as reasons for the failure of the interregnum, the first of which was the dissolution of the rump parliament after Cromwell expressed his disgust at their attitude towards bringing in a new parliament, the rump was not
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The Nayler case was another event that furthered the failure of the interregnum, it was the actions of a famous Quaker radical who impersonated Jesus and suffered torture as punishment this highlighted the divisions within the regime and sparked a political crisis when trying to decide how to deal with Nayler himself as the threat of a Quaker movement as aftermath of the event would be disastrous, the crisis brought to a head political tension in relation to the instrument of government and offer of 'kingship'. It exemplifies religion as politics in the period and how it could hinder workable government. Fifth monarchists wanting a parliament of saints were deliberately uncooperative with parliament which also added to the opposition towards Cromwell and the protectorate.
There were also foreign policy issues that assisted the interregnum in its failure; these were the division between army and parliament, the failure of the western design, oppositions from republicans and the treaty with the French and alliance with the Dutch however I would link these factors back to political evidence as the result of these events was further issues for the government to deal with.
Overall I would see the statement ‘religion was more important in the failure of the interregnum’ to be false as I believe religious reasons and foreign policy issues were only an aid in the failure as the reason they showed to be factors was because

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