Religion, Science And Religion Essay

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Some people believe that true knowledge can be based only on facts, and any idea which is not supported by a valid scientific argument should perish. Since religion cannot provide a reasonable answer to criticism, it is often beaten by anyone who identifies the inconsistency between the shared views of the church and gathered facts from science. But is there any solution to such a significant problem which will end the numerous and meaningless arguments?

During the 19th century the idea that there was a contradiction between the scientific knowledge and religious faith was widespread amongst the people. It is not a secret that science and religion are quite opposite especially in their explanations of why we must do things in a particular way. Religion 's explanations of nature were constructed according to possible assumptions which could be even illogical or not examinable. They have not been tested because the main purpose of religion is to unite people. Unite people and exploit their weaknesses by making them follow simple principles to keep them in a calm and unquestioning state of mind.

Modern science considers the scientific method the only source of factual knowledge. Such a radical point of view seems to be obtained by a sane mind, however, this opinion has a weak point due to conditions which determine our behavior – we cannot react properly to our surrounding environment according only to solid scientific ground because science does not provide moral…

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