Religion Is A Unique Set Of Rules And Regulations Essay

989 Words Dec 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Hamid G Makki
Prof Conway
Final paper
What is religion? Religion is a unique set of rules and regulations that help guide us in our everyday life. In Religion people believe there is an all mighty high power that is the reasoning for all that happens. The three main religions are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and what they all share in common believes there is only one true God, and in which he created all. Religion can also be the very strong belief that science is the reason for mankind and everything above it called scientology.
To my understanding religion is the sense of belonging to something powerful, beautiful, spiritual, and overall satisfying. Religion gives oneself a sense of belonging. During tough times we face as humans, having a religion allows us to look up to god and give us strength in times of need. Having a sense of religion allows you to be in contact with god, on a spiritual level. On a spiritual level believing in a religion allows me as a young adult to find it within myself to forgive and forget, love, and cherish.
When talking about hope in religion, we now bring up the topic of having faith in God. For example your father or mother had just passed, your first extinct is to blame god for what had happened. This is completely natural, since you are only human, and anger is first nature in times of pain and struggle, but now, one must understand everyone one has a set time and date they will pass. Having a religion to belong too, gives…

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