Religion Is A Important Aspect Of Theatre Essay

952 Words Nov 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Religion will, no matter what culture or environment, always be a sensitive topic brought up in conversation. Religion has been dated back before the birth of Jesus Christ which has been placed centuries before that. Religion was a big use and continues to be a use in telling stories or reaching out to specific audiences. We must ask ourselves, “What was Religion’s main use & significance in Theatre Culture?”
I’ve chosen this topic because the subject is talked about briefly. We just know the basics that religion was used heavily in theatre when performed in front of audiences. Religion is still used today in theatre and movies as it was used in Greek theatre beginning around 532 BCE. I believe is a very important topic to be discussed because it’s rarely talked about. Religion is a very important aspect of theatre because the first theatre stories recorded and told had huge ties to religion. I want to address the following questions: Why was religion was used in the first place? What were the benefits of using religion in theatre? What was the goal and what audience was being targeted when using religion in theatre? Religion was used first to tell the stories of tragedy. Later on tragedy transitioned to comedy story telling. I want to show how significant it is in theatre today and its culture. I want to first research what were the earlier shows in Greek theatre and who told them (pastors, high priestess). I’ve discovered through research that Greek tragedy,…

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