Antigone And St. Anne's Basilica Analysis

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Antigone and St. Anne’s Basilica all through out history civilizations have based their communities, their traditions, and their lives on the ideas and beliefs of the religions they hold to be truth. With that being said, this is especially seen through the shrines and art making up Saint Anne’s Basilica in Quebec City and comparably the tragedies held to honor the gods in ancient Athenian society. However, Greek Mythology and Catholicism are vastly different religions and the differences between these two belief systems are outstandingly obvious when comparing the aspects of Saint Anne’s Basilica and the Athenian tragedy Antigone. When considering Antigone and Saint Anne’s Basilica, the single most important difference between the two is …show more content…
For instance, the god’s of ancient Athens are mostly portrayed as vengeful and fickle within greek mythology and Athenian tragedies while the Saint’s of Catholicism and Christ are known to be predominately forgiving and virtuous. An example of this difference in character can be viewed through the word’s of the chorus in Antigone they go on to say, “Fortunate is the man who has never tasted God’s vengeance! Where once the anger of heaven has struck, that house is shaken
For ever: damnation rises behind each child” Contrastingly, it is believed in Catholicism, that Christ gave his life as an atonement for the sins of mankind rather than bringing upon mankind the complete punishment and wrath for their wrong doings. These differences between the character of the god’s of Athens and the Saints of Catholicism have greatly impacted the tragedy Antigone and Saint Anne’s Basilica in that, Antigone in based upon the god’s playing with the lives of men and enacting their revenge upon them, where as Saint Anne’s Basilica is …show more content…
When viewing Saint Anne’s Basilica, one is blown away by wonderful mosaics of the stories and testaments of the amazing and humbling acts committed by kind saints. One walks in the door and is reminded by art of the commodities that people often have to be grateful for all that one is blessed with. When one keeps walking they witness crutches and other medical devices displayed on a wall that people stumbled in with but walked out of the Basilica without as proof of the healing that takes place there. However, on the contrary, when one reads or hears the story of Antigone, they are filled with fear or horror almost that the gods would cause so much death all due to the bad decisions of one foolish king. One realizes that the god’s are so serious about being obeyed by their human subjects that they would kill off one’s entire family to prove a point. Thus, because the god’s of Greek Mythology and the Saints of Catholicism are so incredibly different the examples of their beliefs that were created are exceedingly dissimilar as well. It’s due to the conflicting mind sets and actions of the god’s of greek mythology in Antigone and the Saints of Catholicism displayed through out Saint Anne’s

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