How Did Guru Nanak Made His Own Religion?

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Religion is a set of beliefs that people follow to lead their lives. The religion they follow is often determined by what family they are born in, but given the surroundings, upbringing, education and exposure to the world they may choose to follow their own path. There should be no restriction on people about what religion to follow. This is exactly what Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism believed in and preached. Even though he was born in a Hindu family and lived in a village with both Hindu and Muslim population he started a new religion. There are several questions that come to mind: what were the reasons Guru Nanak made his own religion? Why did he have a dislike for the customs of the Hindus and the Muslims? How did Sikhism
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For example, as a child he had to tie a red thread on his hand which would distinguish him from other castes. He hated that as he had his own beliefs. He believed in equality among all boys or girls of different religions. Sikhism is based upon some major disciplines such as living a life of respect and honesty, hard work at all circumstances and most of all living a life that the society excepts. Guru Nanak had many customs and rituals which the Sikhs gave great respect to some important one were that all the male Sikhs had to wear turbans as well not cut their hair but in today's time Sikhs in order to protect themselves from hate attacks have stopped following these customs.
Sikhism just like Hinduism and Islam has its own Holy Book known as the Guru Granth Sahib and its place of worship is known as Gurdwara. Sikhism is relatively a new religion and is only about 500 years old. During this time it has gained a lot of followers.
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Dawn newspaper 22nd Dec 2015 showed pictures of Sikh Yatrees coming to Pakistan in large numbers by train to celebrate the birth date of Guru Nanak Sahib which is on 25th December. The Yatrees first travelled to Hassan Abdal where there is the Gurdwara Panja Sahib, famous for the rock which has a hand print of Guru Nanak. The Yatrees will then travel to Nankana Sahib the birth place of Guru Nanak. The Gurdwara apart from being decorated with lights and flowers is under tight security to avoid any mishaps. Thousand of Sikhs gathered at the Gurdwara where ceremonies and celebrations take place. One of my uncle attended this ceremony and brought me back a CD of the ceremony. A large bus is decorated with flowers and the Guru Granth Sahib is then taken from the Gurdwara nearby. The procession is very grand at the front are five flag bearers with stars on top of their flags and the five men with swords followed by the bus with Granth Sahib. Recently in Peshawar according to Dawn newspaper a Gurdwara was reopened after 70 years. A ceremony was held with the Chief Minister of minorities Sardar Suran Singh and some other people who announced to give 4 million towards the

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