Essay on Religion And Its Impact On Society

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According to our textbook, Sociology, Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices, relative to sacred things; that is to say, things set a part and forbidden beliefs and practices, which unite into one single normal community. Religion is so important in modern societies because we live in such a hopeless world. People are constantly losing their value and purpose in life. This is seen through the increased rate of suicides. Religion is a way of uplifting many, giving them something to look forward to in life. Therefore, religion is vital in giving meaning and purpose to the lives of many. However, in sociological perspective, we see religions affect the society into negative and positive ways.
The Positive way is religion play an important part in our culture, even though the western world of today is often considered to be a secular society. Religion is a link to our past and has in many ways influenced our values and set the stage for today 's society. As society goes through changes, so does religion. People’s actions and thoughts are affected by the communities they live in, and the different beliefs and attitudes they encounter. If we do not have different religious beliefs in society, it is too hard to learn new things, new languages, cultures, foods and clothes. Religion has the ability to change the person attitude and to give future hope. It makes the people feel like they are here for a reason and their life isn 't worthless so that Religion is very…

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