Relative Importance Of Hunting Versus Gathering Essay

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1) What is the most accurate description of the relative importance of hunting versus gathering in foraging societies in terms of nutrition? In terms of place in society? One of the most ancient forms of human subsistence patterns, is survival by means of hunting wild game and foraging for wild edibles. This subsistence pattern was used by even the earliest of humans up until the domestication of plants and animal, and the development of agriculture with the ability to maintain a surplus of crops. The environment in which humans reside plays a major role in the foods available, as well as, their sources of water. The amount of obtainable food and water determines not only the overall health of the society, but determines the need to migrate. Roles within the community are usually divided between men and women. Hunting is usually left for the men while women do the gathering. Although, tasks such as gathering wood is a non-gender based activity. (O 'Neil, 2006) In many cases, hunters and gatherers do not stay in one location, but move about to maintain a sustainable supply of food, therefore, they do not build permanent settlements. Instead they build temporary shelters. (O 'Neil, 2006) Hunting and gathering societies are oftentimes small in terms of population. The less people in a community the less chances there are to have conflict and are more likely to be able to maintain a sustainable amount of food. The more food there is to go around, the better the…

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