Relationship Between The Native Americans And The United States

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After reading the text provided I came to the conclusion that the relationship between the Native Americans and the United States was in constant turmoil. The text is littered with many treaties made with the Natives and the effect these had on all parties involved. The westward expansion caused numerous battles and debates among the politicians and tribes. A quote from the article A Shawnee Argues for an Untied Indian Resistance, 1810 states “After mistreatment of the Native Americans by Presidents Jefferson and Madison, Tecumseh, a Shawnee, tried to organize the Midwestern Indian tribes into a united political alliance to thwart the steady advance of the white settlers.” This quote shows the strained relationship between the Natives and the United States. The façade that the United States liked to believe was one of a cooperative beneficial relationship with the Native Americans.

With the end of the Revolutionary War, in 1783, settlers made a significant push west. Due to the unease in the west congress designed The Trade and Intercourse act. “These laws, which were originally designed to implement the treaties and enforce them against obstreperous whites, gradually came to embody the basic features of federal Indian policy.” This act was designed to keep settlers from trading with the Natives without permits or government permission. The treaty of Greenville (1795), following the battle of Fallen Timber, transferred two-thirds of Ohio to the Americans” (Roark, 2012)…

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