Essay on Relationship Between The Criminal Justice System

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This paper argues that the experience and relationship transgender individuals have with the criminal justice system is vastly different compared to those of cisgendered. While cisgendered may fear for their safety behind bars, this fear is intensified for transgendered and other members of the LGBTQ community. When people are fearful and misunderstand others, it’s possible for them to lash out. While entitled to civil liberties as citizens, these false impressions from others allow for transgendered individuals to face unjust treatment as they journey through the US criminal system from start to finish. Throughout the time spent in the criminal system, an individual is categorized in several different ways. Was the individual in question a victim or an offender? Was there beyond a reasonable doubt? Was the crime of aggressive nature? And also, “Is the offender male or female?” For cisgendered, the latter question doesn’t evoke apprehension, but for transgendered it can mean the start a journey filled with a lot of hassles, injustices, and mistreatment.
Definition of Transgender To show how the experiences within the criminal system is different, one must understand the differences between the individuals. What does it mean to identify as transgendered. As defined in the Sebastian M. Barr, et. al article, Transgender Community Belongingness as a Mediator Between Strength of Transgender Identity and Well-Being, Transgender is:
People whose psychological sense of gender…

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