Relationship Between Social Justice And Global Citizenship

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What connections can be drawn between ‘global citizenship’, social justice and/or the protection of human rights?
Discuss this question with reference to one or more contemporary issues: citizenship; migration; asylum seekers; terrorism; the activities of multinational corporations. A global citizen exists by identifying themselves as a part of a world community and social order known as the ‘World Citizen Movement’ or ‘Alter-Mundialization’, with their actions contributing to the world community’s morals and ethics. The notion of ‘global citizenship’ is based on a single being whose individuality exceeds beyond geographical or political borders and that the universal human community is symbiotic and complete as, humankind is fundamentally
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‘Social Justice’ tends to maintain gender equality and migrants. ‘Social Justice’ is the integral supply of affluence, opportunities and human rights within a society. ‘Social Justice’ allocates human rights and obligations to the foundations of society allowing individuals to be given basic welfare and aid. 'Social Justice ' and 'Global Citizenship ' have a connection regarding each other because the key principle according to Wringe (1999) is "ensuring that the collective arrangements to which we give our assent do not … secure the better life of some at the expense of a much worse life for others" (Cited in Davies 2006). Asylum-Seekers is a touchy subject in Australia as, there is a "Major social justice and human rights issues in Australia has been the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers" (World Vision 2009, pg 14). The reason for social injustice amongst asylum-seekers is due to the 'fear ' as, "fear of the foreigner has always been part of the Australian story"(Brennan 2002, pg 15). This statement about 'fear ' may be linked to Australia 's political leaders as they do not "respond responsibly to people’s fears rather than feeding those fears and that they resolve people’s fears with policies which are faithful to the values of the people and to the integrity of the social institutions" (Brennan 2002, pg 15). Although, there is a great deal of social injustice amongst popular contemporary issues such as asylum-seekers, the 'Protection of Human Rights ' is vital in the promotion of social justice in a

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