Relationship Between My Boyfriend And Me Essay

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Relationship analysis
Humans are by nature innately social beings and they thrive on relationships. Having Relationships and participating in social interaction are some of the basic needs of human beings. They are beneficial to people’s physical and mental health. People crave affection, respect, love, respect, and companionship. Relationships can be detrimental to a person’s health if it is bad or it can promote happiness and success. Some qualities of good relationships are empathy, trust, respect, flexibility, uniqueness, honesty, interdependence, and rapport. If a relationship is good it can be considered irreplaceable.
The relationship I am going to analyze is the relationship between my boyfriend and me. We have known each other for a little more than 4 months. This relationship first started as a sexual relationship and then it progressed into a romantic relationship. Adam and I have very similar personalities. We are very outgoing and charismatic. We love to be the center of attention. We both have similar taste in music, hobbies, and similar interests in general. We like to be leaders of a group. Since we have so many similarities, it is surprising we don’t clash heads. Initially our relationship was immediately sexual, but it also was one that close friends share. We are both characterized as being storgic lovers which is “characterized by rapport, self-revelation, interdependency, and mutual need fulfillment Storgic lovers are essentially good friends who…

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