The Influence Of Alcohol And Huge Effects On The Family

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As soon as I walked into the meeting I saw the faces on each of the different families that attended that evening. Most of their expressions were blank, as if they had all their emotions taken out of them. I could understand why they felt that way, having to deal with a family member under the influence of drugs or alcohol can take a huge toll on the families lives, mentally and physically sometimes. Huge effects occur to the family when a loved one is taken over by addiction. Drugs and alcohol can control a persons actions and future actions as well. I feel that it is unfair for the families to suffer for the individuals mistakes in life. This commitment takes a lot of courage for these families to come and try to find solutions to these …show more content…
I feel that the addicts and the users don’t see the help they are truly getting from the families that came to the meeting. They show that family is family know matter what the circumstances are they will help their family. I agree with their values and respect each and every one of them at that meeting, it takes a lot to share your families problems. Most families are too proud to express their problems to a group of people, most families are too private which ends up causing more problems for them. There has definitely been a decrease in my use of alcohol in the past couple of month from going to these meetings made me come to a realization and conclusions that being addicted to drugs an alcohol only cause problems for yourself and your family members as well. To be honest I feel that the family suffers more than the actually user because they are actually witnessing your life fall apart and your just in a fog. It just wouldn’t be fair to my supporters and family that I cant go down that road because there are too many people counting on me to succeed, that will definitely not happen with me falling into the trap of alcohol and other drugs, not at

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