Family Nursing Approach

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Approaches to Family Nursing Assessment The components of family nursing includes an evaluation of family as context, family as client, family as system, and family as a component of society. It is important to keep these four perspective in mind when working to families because it will facilities in the accuracy of the nursing assessment and intervention (Kaakine et al., 2015). Furthermore, a comprehension of all four approaches will lead to better patient and family outcomes. In this paper, I will discuss different situations related to each family nursing approach. Next, I will describe the role of the family nurse and distinguish the different family roles.
Family as Context When my grandmother was still alive, her wish was to remain independent for as long as possible. She wanted to stay in her home and her eight children all agreed to honor her wishes by taking turns to help her with activities of daily living. Each day, a member of the family would go to her home to check on her and help with minor chores if she needed assistance. There was log keep on the things that was completed such as refills on her weekly pill or grocery shopping that was completed for the week.
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He was at a friend’s house consumed alcohol and later took some a large amount of oxytocin. This is not the first time the patient had overdosed on drugs and alcohol. His mother had enrolled him into a drug counseling program months prior to this admission, but he had stop going to his appointments. His father had tried to set him up with a psychiatrist but the patient also quit going to the sessions. His parents utilized many of the programs that the community as to offer but the patient had no interest in getting help. As the primary nurse, I made recommendations for the parents to attend support groups for families who go through the same drug and alcohol

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