Reflection On The Sociological Perspective Of Religion

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The objective of this course was to open our eyes to the sociological perspective of religion and to develop an understanding of tolerance towards it. The combination of articles, discussions, and books that we read certainly has an impact on my view of religion. Sociology of religion is the study of the religion what religion is, how it works, and its effect. This study requires an atheistic standpoint when approaching the subject of religion, meaning sociologists must follow a scientific approach that cannot explain religious phenomena using religious ideas. Although all people do not have the same beliefs, religion is found in all human societies and evidence can be traced back to earlier times where religious ceremonies were found. Religion is still a major part of society and shapes how people react to the environment they live in.
I have learned that religion is often the source of social conflict and vice versa. Especially in the United States, which was found on Christian principles, the government is often
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Emile Durkheim’s theory of religion explains how functionalists examine sociological phenomena. He believed that people see religion as a contribution to the health and continuation of society. These religious functions bind society’s members to affirm common beliefs and values on a regular basis. Durkheim believed that religion would decrease and the world modernizes and scientific thinking would eventually replace religious thinking. Later, he changed his view and saw that religion within the context of the entire society and recognized its place in influencing the thinking and behavior of members of society. Durkheim discovered that people tend to separate sacred objects such as religious symbols and rituals from profane objects which are daily symbols and routines of existence. With the help of Durkheim, he invented a language to understand our collective moral

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