Reflection Of Purusha And Prakrti

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so. This is exactly what happens in human being; the consciousness is absolutely separate from the body, the mind, the intellect, and the ego. These four make up the Prakrtic aspect. Thus Purusha is on one side and Prakrti on the other side. Purusha can never become one with these aspects but because of avidya or ignorance it identifies with each of these aspects of Prakrti; because it identifies with the body like when the body grows old, the man says “I am old” but Purusha can never grow old. When the body falls sick, it says, ‘I am sick.’ etc.
All objects in the universe, be it a stone, an animal or a human being is made up of these two aspects—Purusha and Prakrti. In a stone, Purusha is not obvious, consciousness is not obvious but it is there at its most dormant level. Similarly, in the self-realized Yogi, consciousness is approaching infinity. In the videha mukta (one who has given up the body), only consciousness is there, without any Prakrtic aspect. Thus, all objects in the universe make up a spectrum where at the lowest level you have maximum matter and minimum consciousness; at the highest level, you have maximum consciousness and minimum matter. Evolution or spirituality is a progress from the lowest level to the highest level. One has to become more and more conscious, more aware, more realized, but one can never be fully realized. It is like infinity – one can approach it but not become so till one is alive as “I”. Now man is on the upper side; stone is

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