Essay about Reconciliation And Certification Of Government Purchase Card

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Reconciliation & Certification of government purchase card
I currently do not have a government purchase card but tracks all needed verifications that require payment and submits them to the appropriate credentialing staff. I have the knowledge of the purchase card program from previous job experience and assist other staff with solving purchase card problems or discrepancies. I am knowledgeable and have the ability to maintain requests for procurement and obligations of funds, in the processing of 2237’s and 1358’s and offers my assistance to other Quality Management staff as needed. I comply with the Federal, VA and local acquisition policies and procedures. I completed GSA Smart Pay Purchase Card Training for Cardholders, 1358 Purchase Request, 1358 Enhancements-IFACAP, VA Online Purchase Card Training, and Unauthorized Commitments. I have recently been given the government purchase card and will start using it for the purposes of verifications that requirement payments and reconciliations.
Confidentiality of Information
I am responsible for reviewing practitioner/provider information and have access to all aspects personal provider information. I am the liaison between the provider and the various organizations that are contacted for primary source verification of practitioner/provider information. I only release provider information only to those with a need to know and only requests information required to properly verify a file for initial appointment or renewal.…

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