Recidivism Is A Term? Essay

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Recidivism is a term in reference to rehabilitation and reintegration. However, to full comprehension the concept, we must analyze the meaning of recidivism to precisely know it’s significant to either of these corrective approaches. Let’s examine the word recidivism, which the dictionary defines as a method where an individual whose has previously committed a criminal act goes back to their bad habit forming tendencies. These tendencies can involve criminal activities such as “a killing, battering, stealing, manslaughter and illegal paraphernalia (Bohm & Haley (n.d). Each of these crimes is severe offenses that involve recidivism, which can stem from a mental medical lapse of judgment. Some individuals believe that one mindset should be mind over matter when addressing these habits forming conditions; however, it is not always this cut hard concept. These people showcase a deeper and more intense underlined issue. For example, in the case of “Endia Martin, who was a 14 year old girl who took a liking to a boy. She brutally murder another child without any regards to life, by another girl whom apparently was suffering from some kind of self-esteem issues over a boy that neither one of them will ever have that happy ever after with later in life because one is dead, while the other individual is likely to be convicted once the trail is motion (Schmadeke, Steve (2016).” When analyzing the case one must go deeper than who is right opposed to who is wrong to get to the real…

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