Reading Of William Wordsworth 's I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

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Close Reading of William Wordsworth 's "I wandered Lonely as a Cloud" When the person feels sad and lonely, the beauty of the nature turns the person 's sadness into happiness. Moreover, these positive memories of nature can fill human 's heart with joy in any mood. In the beginning of a poem, the author states that he is wandering lonely: "I wandered lonely as a cloud" (p. 697). He was not walking somewhere; he was just wandering here and there. He looks lost. Additionally, he was lonely. It really means that no one else was walking with him. A poet is comparing himself with a cloud. He clearly specifies that " … as a cloud", meaning that there is one cloud, to even more highlight that he is one as well (p.697). It is very interesting and appropriate compering because the cloud can be dark gray and later on, it is able to turn white. Therefore, a cloud is a metaphor that has a second meaning - the mood. At this moment, he seems sad because of lonely wandering, and the image of a cloud could be easily imaginable as a dark gray. That is how a cloud looks before it would rain. It looks that he is so much sad that he could cry at any minute. A poet continues that a cloud "...floats on high o 'er vales and hills," as to say that he walks on these valleys and hills (p.697). Later, he saw the daffodils. The narrator gives a very strange description of these flowers: a crowd, a host, dancing (p. 697). This diction, which usually applies to people, here applies to…

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