Rape, Violence And Injustice In The Movies By Margaret Atwood

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The issue that Atwood explains in this novel are rape, violence, and injustice. This book defined how women used to increase population. Like I stated before “In many areas women consider as useful object no more than that”. In addition in many areas rape doesn’t consider as a crime. Like in France, rape was not a crime until 1980. Women was not protected at all, they face many difficulties and no one is there to help them. Moreover, In Germany the estimate of 240,000 women rape, which put Germany in 6th highest place of rape in world. However, this country is developing every day in technology but is moving backward in humanity specially protecting women rights. Author stated that women during that time cant able to vote, hold property, and wasn’t allow to work, and go to school. …show more content…
Author also defines her feeling to convey reader what happened during that time, the book cover also tell us the curtly women faced. The women on the red dress, shows the costume worn by the handmaids. It symbolizes traditional maker of sexual sins, in another words they committed adultery by having sex their commanders. On the other hand, commander wives consider them really useless and shameless women. This action gave them more pain that can’t be heal ever and they feel insulted. The cautioning reader to aware of all this cruelly many women has to face in their

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