Essay on Rape Trauma Syndrome As A Mental Health Disorder

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The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine defines Rape Trauma Syndrome as a mental health disorder that describes a range of symptoms often experienced by someone who has undergone a severely traumatic event. In Speak, a novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, the main character is a victim of rape and shows the symptoms of Rape Trauma Syndrome otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The main character, Melinda, is isolated by her school and friends, which leads to her slow healing process. Without having someone to talk to, Melinda became lost and confused. She avoided talking about her feelings with everyone that tried to get emotionally close to her. There are several definitions of rape, but the definition that relates the most of what is defined as rape in Speak is: when a person is forced to engage in sexual activity through the use of physical abuse and/or individual impairment. Melinda did not feel comfortable with talking to her family about her situation so she had to find other means of confronting her PTSD. Her lack of trust after being raped, led to her forming symptoms of Rape Trauma Syndrome. She later realized the only way for her to heal was to talk about what she went through and understand what happened to her was not her fault. Rape Trauma Syndrome is a serious mental trauma that could lead to other problems. “Approximately 31% of rape victims develop PTSD as a result of their assault; victims are more than six times more likely to develop PTSD than women who…

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