Rape Is Illegal No One Should Be Forced Into Something Without Consent

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Rape is Illegal no one should be forced into something without consent and be scarred for the rest of their life, leading into having body scars, being involved with laws, and lastly the effects of rape.Since Anderson was a child who experienced lots of things that affected her during high school, which that is why she wrote Speak. Even through her books mostly involve teen problems, it is a great first read. In Anderson’s Speak,she is giving a real life story about Melinda and she is having a horrible start and it gets worse from there. The combination of drama really represents this book. Comparing this book to rape is still a big deal and people are still not standing up and telling someone. If not, you will be under lots of stress and the attacker would go after that person again are the people. This problem will just keep on growing and spreading. Laurie Halse Anderson was born October 23, 1961 in Potsdam New York and currently lives in Mexico, New York. She was popular and still is.More books by her are coming out and the latest book that came out was in 2009, WinterGirls. Laurie Halse believes that with “Writing, the best part of writing is when the magic flows so strong and lose track of where and who I am”. All of her writing began from her experience at college, Laurie Halse Anderson was an exchange student in Denmark, graduated from Onodoga Community College in 1981, and then Georgetown University in 1984 with a degree of english and linguistics. Speak is a…

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