Ragged Dick : The Moral Of Alger 's And Kamp 's Point Of Views On What I Believe

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This essay will discuss Alger’s, Ragged Dick and compare some of Emerson’s and Kamp’s point of views to what I believe is the moral of Alger’s, Ragged Dick book. I will also discuss if these life lessons apply to day to day life today. And my feeling on if these views are out dated. I loved the character Ragged Dick. Alger showed his faults but also showed the goodness in side of him. Ragged Dick reminds me of some of the modern day drug dealers in the 1990’s that people looked up to. Bare with me that may be a shocking statement but we’ll discuss it in the body of my paper. Ragged Dick’s character he was a smooth talking charming boot-black who drew people too him. He had regular customers because he weaved a tale when talking to them. His way of talking was to find joy in life by making a jokes and entertaining his customers. He was also very honest if he told someone he would bring them change then he did. When he escorted Frank around the city in his new clothing he started to see life different and saw how people responded to him when he was dressed in different attire. Dick was also a hustler he worked hard and did his best to build up his clientele so that he had repeat customers. Dick is a sterling example of someone that felt that all he would be able to do was be a boot-black, make the realization that they can get out of the ghetto and experience the American dream by bettering themselves. We are all in control of our destiny. Just because life gave us…

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