Essay Racism : Racism And Racism

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As this class has made clear, oppression doesn’t live in isolation. Every form of oppression intersects and melds together in the mainstream, creating subsets and building traits that both make them similar and set them apart from the others. All forms of oppression affect one another, but during the class I saw particular correlation between classism and racism. These forms of oppression have a great deal in common, but also have aspects that make them distinctive. Among many things, I noticed their similar structures, a certain veneer about them, and how they both disguise themselves in society but in different ways. One of the main similarities between racism and classism is their structure. Both forms of oppression are organized into hierarchies on economic and social levels. Castañeda and Zúñiga state in the introduction of the racism section that oppressions are often organized in this way to “rationalize inequality and homogenize experience by compressing social diversity into binaries” (60). These hierarchies separate groups into different divisions, and lower levels of hierarchy are typically minorities that are either ignored or discriminated against. In terms of classism, American society is set up in distinct economic and social classes that have various assumptions tied into them. There are multiple examples of hierarchies in racism, but one example in the text was particularly interesting to me. In “The Possessive Investment in Whiteness,”…

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