Racism Is Man 's Gravest Threat Essay

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Abraham Joshua Heschel once said “Racism is man 's gravest threat to man ­ the

maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Racial discrimination has been prevalent

throughout history; it can take many forms, but all deals with unjustified prejudice against others

of a contrasting race or color. It can be mutual or one­sided, blunt or subtle, violent or verbal

(What Is Racism?, 2). Children in school are mocked, adults judged, or, in worse cases, entire

populations fall subject to a ruler’s genocidal wrath, such as Hitler and the Holocaust. Irrational

actions such as these lead to insecurities or injuries of those victimized, based on beliefs with no

valid reasoning. For many, racism indicates an issue between whites and blacks and is hard to

identify, but in truth involves people of all ethnicities on both large or small scales.

It is human nature to be skeptical of another group of people due to their differences,

whether they are physical or conceptual. People are naturally afraid and threatened by those who

are different from themselves; they feel security in who they are. Due to this pusillanimity, many

have been targeted and victimized, but not one ethnicity or culture is targeted solely. Emotional

distress and physical beatings have resulted from such cowardice, fear of diversity, and comfort

in uniformity. It is saddening when considering the struggles of those involved in civil rights,

trying to earn basic privileges revoked due to skin…

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