Racism In Recitatif

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Brendan, Bremser
Gateway Reflection Prompt I: Information Literacy As a writer, I have always been good at examining sources for their credibility. This is a skill I began to develop in high school and have only improved since then. Being able to search the internet and find sources which can directly relate to a paper topic is not extremely hard; however, finding resources of specific identities, such as academic journals or magazines has been difficult at times. For example, for my final paper I struggled to find an academic journal which was specific enough to support my argument presented in the paper. My argument had to do with the forewarning of technological advancements causing chaos in society. While there are plenty of
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In “Recitatif”, the two main characters, Twyla and Roberta, are not affirmed as African American or Caucasian. The races of the three main characters deliberately being kept as mysterious is unusual yet intriguing. The reader is told that one of Twyla and Roberta is white and the other is black, however it is unclear which is which. Throughout the story, Morrison offers contradictory hints about both characters’ race that are confusing, illuminating the reader’s own assumptions and prejudices about race. While the differences between the women are significant, both women should undoubtedly have the same opportunities.
Another character in the story, Maggie, is described by both characters as a different race. She works in the kitchen and can’t talk, so she is picked on ruthlessly by the kids. The fact that Maggies is picked on, partly due her muteness and partly due to her “unclear race” is the hardest thing to swallow when it comes to race in the story. The mystery of Maggie’s race is a key component of the story, but also one that challenges the reader to examine their own racial stereotypes.
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