Essay on Racial Standards And Discrimination By Harper Lee

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The plot of the novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, has the greatest impact due to the setting of the 1930s. The racial standards and discrimination that happened in the 1930s is what the majority of the storyline is focused on. Due to the Great Depression, white men were upset with blacks, since they had jobs that whites could not get. Cecil Jacobs use the fact that Atticus is defending Tom Robinson as an insult (Lee 74). Although racism has been up and down throughout the years, the 1930s were one of the worst because instead of having discrimination improve as the years go on, the current events (the Great Depression) made it even worse. This led to the book containing many scenes where blacks, as well as anyone associated with them, would be disrespected and treated unfairly. Not only did the people see them differently, but the government did as well. Due to the Jim Crow Laws, blacks were denied rights such as voting, and blacks had to be segregated in certain areas such as parks, pools, hospitals, and churches. In chapter 12, Jem and Scout went to Calpurnia’s church and discovered that they lacked hymn books and that some people did not want the white children there.(Lee 119-120). The absence of hymn books in the church showed the inequality between whites and blacks during the time period. Lula’s comments towards the children showed that segregation caused by the Jim Crow Laws had left both whites and blacks feeling bitter towards each other. Although the…

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