Racial Segregation And The Residential Segregation Essay

1588 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Fitzgerald (2014) describes residential segregation as urban areas that are disproportionally composed of people of color while suburban and rural areas are almost all white. Factors that contribute to the ongoing residential segregation in our society include socioeconomic status, prejudice of minority groups, and housing discrimination. Although the socioeconomic status of individuals is a factor that determines where these people will live, black homeowners are still less likely to live in the same neighborhood as white homeowners. With this being said, racial residential segregation from whites has not declined even as African Americans have gained economic status in today’s society. Residential segregation is a way to separate minority groups from the dominant racial group and results in the overall maintenance of white superiority (Smith, 2012). African Americans are one of the most negatively stigmatized minority groups, and there are many ongoing stereotypes that associate the presence of black people, and young black males specifically, with the amount of criminal activity that takes place in a neighborhood. Neighborhoods with high concentrations of black residents and high levels of poverty are associated with having high levels of crime, even if these neighborhoods have very low levels of crime. Landlords in areas with high concentration of racial minorities have been pressured by law enforcement officials to screen their tenants carefully in order to…

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