Essay about Racial Prejudices Were Experienced By Twyla And Roberta

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In the 1950’s-80’s racism was more prevalent during this time than it is today. In Toni Morrison’s, “Recitatif”, racial prejudices were experienced by Twyla and Roberta along with class issues also present at the time. Twyla and Roberta were both placed into an orphanage whenever their mothers were not able to care for them because of personal reasons. One girl was black and the other white, but it was not mentioned who was what race. Twyla’s mother danced all night, while Roberta’s mother was ill. These factors played a huge role on both girls’ thoughts and actions. Which reflects on their interactions with Maggie. The race and class issues reflect the prejudice experienced by Twyla and Roberta in Toni Morrison’s short story,“Recitatif”, which shapes their life views. When Twyla and Roberta are first introduced, Twyla remembers what her mother had said about the opposite race. “They never washed their hair and they smelled funny”, to which Twyla responds that Roberta sure did smell funny (1). Twyla also claims that it was strange to be stuck in a place with someone of a completely different race (1). These comments reveal that Twyla’s mother is prejudiced against the other race, which is passed on to Twyla because she tells Mrs. Itkin “my mother won’t like you putting me in here” because of Roberta’s race (1). This reveals that Twyla has a preconceived conception about the other race without knowing the truth about them. Mrs. Itkin gives Twyla a sarcastic remark after…

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