Racial ideology in the NBA Essay

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Racial Ideology and White Privilege in the NBA For almost three-quarters of the year, the players of the NBA prance around the court and show off their various hard earned skills. Every season, thousands upon thousands of fans, young and old, rich and poor, come to be entertained by the best in the game on a multi-million dollar stage. Contrary to popular belief, the National Basketball Association is no longer all about competition and winning the championship, it has evolved to a whole other animal. The NBA is annually a multi-billion dollar operation, and continues to grow every day. Not only do they are they making money off the fans attending games, but now is deeply involved in endorsing a vast array of products. Today, the NBA …show more content…
Whether this is just coincidence or not, nobody may ever know, but if one had to take a guess you would have to say no. The referees, primarily older white men, grew up in a time where the racial ideologies were instilled in them growing up and not much was ever done to change their view. However, today, people aren’t just sitting around anymore, they’re taking action. The generation the referees grew up will still stick more stubbornly to their ideologies because the ones they primarily are involved with and grew up in life still share their same ideologies and think that it’s not as big of a deal as people are making it. A high-ranking individual in the NBA was quoted as saying “there’s bias on the basketball court, but less than when you’re trying to hail a cab at midnight” (Schwarz 2007). This shows the NBA is at least recognizing the prejudices and is doing whatever they can to improve and eliminate it from the game. Through informing the population of their wrongful prejudices, our country can slowly change their ideas and concepts about race. Since ones ideas are a result of the world and people surrounding them, the power of education is remarkable. Even though our nation is improved drastically over the last couple decades, there are still many deeply engraved beliefs that will likely die with the individual. In a way this is what is improving our society, individuals no longer hold the same views, and since no one is around

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