Essay on Racial Identity By Zora Neale Hurston

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Racial identity can be the identified as one’s outward looks which classifies each to a specific group of ancestors. In other words, your race describes where you or your family is from. Some people, as Zora Neale Hurston reports, are still held back in time when people of color were mistreated, and they feel as if they are the “superior race”. She responds to their misconception in her essay “How It Feels to Be Colored Me” by saying “It fails to register depression with me. Slavery is sixty years in the past.”(Hurston 1) As a young black girl who transfers to a white school, adapting was a challenge. Through her experiences, she writes about the nonsense she lives through and documents her feelings. She states “I feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background.”(Hurston 1) Hurston argues in the quote that racial segregation is created by the lack of awareness of the individuals who neglect to comprehend the idea of uniformity by essentially victimizing others. She feels that the color of one’s skin should not determine the person’s future actions, but insists that white society still makes people of color feel isolated.
If people were like the paint used to create a picture, racial segregation would be the result of a hideous image. In comparison to Hurston’s time, today mixing of the races is accepted in all aspects of life. Hurston argues that it is not the fact that someone is colored that makes him stand out, but it is the people and their negative…

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