Analysis Of Race Matters By Cornell West

In the profound book, race matters, Cornell West further breaks down his social theories exposing the many unspoken and unaddressed racial and social issues. West reaches out to both black and white American citizens to especially move them towards truly understanding that race and racism are prevalent subjects in American societies.race and racism are permanently stitched into the history of America, yet cannot go unacknowledged. For one to truly understand America along with all of its glories and shortcomings, one must come into the realization that race matters. This is the sole purpose behind Cornell West’s magnificent book. He keys in on the idea that the American society has and further remains tainted by race division, this division has kept the white society wealthy and superior, while the inferior black population is left to rot in devastating neighborhoods continuing the detrimental cycle. West firmly believes that some possible solutions to this crisis, are to end capitalism; a system which initiates division, to end old ethnic divisions, to seek …show more content…
He was seen as the messiah, which was placed there to free them from the barriers places upon them by society, but today, there is a crisis in black leadership. The new wave of black leadership in America is unlike the past black leadership. The focus has shifted and the motivation has diminished. In the past, we have seen leaders such as Luis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, and W.E. B. Dubois, whom have endured the emotional and psychological consequences and have become enraged with the societal constraints. Cornell west explains that the quality of black leadership has moved further away from the “deep traditions and communities that shape and mold talented and gifted people.” Instead of quality, black leaders are motivated by political gain, personal success, and individual achievement which deviates from the original

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