Questions On Words Serve A Function Essay

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Words serve a function. A structuralist would say that a word acts as a signifier and the definition that people associate with that word is the signified. A post-structuralist would argue that the words meaning depends on a person’s context and could change from moment to moment and person to person. The way we approach words lies somewhere in between. We all approach a word differently, but we seek to agree upon a definition to have a common understanding. Antisemitism is a great example of this reality. Every person approaches the word Antisemitism differently, but as scholars we need a working definition that we can agree upon Antisemitism is the conscience or unconscious hatred of a Jew or Jews, because of certain characteristics that the hater believes the Jew or all Jews possess by being a Jew. A central part of the above definition is the hater. There are two important things to know about haters. The first is that many haters will perform hate because they are dissatisfied with themselves and will assign their own negative characteristics or characteristics that they want, to a group of people that the hater will become angry with if the assigned characteristics are negative, or envious of if the assigned characteristics are positive. One example is John thinks all Jews have big ears and greasy hair. John does not like his personal appearance so he assigns a negative experience to Jews to caste off his feelings about his own appearance. John can say to himself,…

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